About Us

King Rook Capital LLC (‘KRC’) is an international real estate investment group focused on the acquisition, development, and operation of multi-family and other opportunistic property assets. Taking advantage of the price dislocation in property markets, KRC started acquiring multi-family assets in 2009. Since then, KRC has built an exceptional track record of realizations across the portfolio. Our value-add approach, market analysis, and relationships with leading local operators have enabled us to grow our asset base as well as source, close, and realize upside in highly competitive markets.

Investment Strategy

KRC focuses on multi-family and opportunistic properties across the U.S. that are under-valued and have scope for enhanced value.

The team adopts a selective investment approach targeting markets with the following attributes:

  • Stable renter base
  • Population growth and attractive demographics
  • Strong local workforces and blue-chip employers
  • Access to infrastructure
  • Long-term growth potential

KRC works with its network of industry partners to source potential deals in these markets focusing on the following areas:

  • Rents and occupancy
  • Expenses
  • Renovation
  • Development

Through a combination of the above levers, the team works with local operators to deploy value-added capex, drive rental increases, implement operational efficiencies, and maximize returns.

KRC Property Management

KRC manages its portfolio of multi-family properties in collaboration with its exclusive management partners, Strategic Management Partners (‘SMP’).

This venture with SMP leverages a deep knowledge base of experienced industry professionals through a network of regional and local managers to optimize property performance. With KRC’s guidance and SMP’s innovative management style, customized strategies are rapidly implemented to maximize property potential, while recognizing and meeting the needs of stakeholders and the community of residents. The values and ethos of KRC and SMP work seamlessly to provide quality services while recognizing the full potential of the underlying properties.